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Top 7 Interaction Design Studios | 2024

Adam Fard
Adam Fard, Co-founder & Head of Design
Top 7 Interaction Design Studios | 2024

In a world where digital interaction is paramount, the role of interaction design studios has become increasingly critical. This article presents a curated list of the top 7 interaction design studios as of December 2023, chosen for their innovation, user-centric approach, and industry impact.

From Adam Fard Studio's expertise in FinTech and SaaS to Goji Labs' deep integration with client operations, these studios are at the forefront of crafting digital experiences that are not only functional but also intuitive and engaging.

Adam Fard Studio

Specializing in FinTech and SaaS, Adam Fard Studio excels in complex B2B product designs. The studio stands out for its focus on intuitive, accessible solutions rather than flashy B2C sites, backed by a seasoned team proficient in user-centric design.

  • Specialization: FinTech, SaaS, B2B complex products.

  • Approach: Leveraging a team of Senior Researchers and Designers for in-depth user insights.

  • Rates & Location: $50-$99/hr; Distributed team in EU & US timezones.

Visit the Interaction Studio Website Here


Wandr Studio began as a UI/UX agency for startups, developing a reputation for adaptability and efficiency. Their global presence, rooted in Los Angeles, enables them to offer quick, quality solutions in their areas of expertise.

  • Specialization: Healthcare compliance, no-code, cybersecurity.

  • Features: Adaptability, efficiency, global team.

  • Rates & Location: $150-$199/hr; Global coverage.

Visit website here

Brave UX

Brave UX in Washington, DC, is committed to creating impactful designs. They focus on addressing real-world problems through a combination of design, technology, and extensive user research.

  • Specialization: Martech, wellness, IoT.

  • Features: Emphasis on solving complex problems, meticulous user research.

  • Rates & Location: $200-$300/hr; Washington, DC.

Visit website here

The Story

The Story, an award-winning agency, offers a blend of UX design and web development. Established in 2009, they have a diverse portfolio in healthcare, clinical trials, and Martech.

  • Specialization: Healthcare, clinical trials, chatbots, Martech.

  • Features: Broad expertise in UX design and development.

  • Rates & Location: $25-49/hr; Locations in Warsaw, Munich, London, and Boston, MA.

Visit website here


Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, Capicua combines creativity with impeccable user experience. They foster a culture of communication and confidence, encouraging team involvement in design and development.

  • Specialization: Sports, Edtech, information security.

  • Features: Creative and user-centric approach, team collaboration.

  • Rates & Location: $25-49/hr; Montevideo, NY.

Visit website here

Fuzzy Math

Fuzzy Math in Chicago is known for its user-centric design philosophy. They focus on crafting products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful and fulfilling for users, underpinned by empathetic research.

  • Specialization: Non-profit, healthcare R&D, B2B hiring.

  • Features: Emphasis on user empathy and research.

  • Rates & Location: $150-$199/hr; Chicago, IL.

Visit website here

Goji Labs

Goji Labs, a US-based agency, integrates deeply with client businesses, effectively becoming part of the team. Their thorough understanding of client operations allows them to create market-driving products and services.

  • Specialization: FQHC, precious metal investing, recruiting.

  • Features: Deep integration with client operations, technical expertise.

  • Rates & Location: $100-$149/hr; Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY.

Visit website here


Selecting the right interaction design studio can be a game-changer for any project. Each studio on this list brings its unique strengths to the table, from Fuzzy Math's empathetic design approach to WANDR's adaptability and efficiency.

Whether you're looking for a partner in healthcare, Edtech, or IoT, these studios exemplify the best in interaction design, ensuring that your digital products are not just used but truly experienced.

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