Edtech design

Edtech Design:
We make learning fun and engaging

We help EdTech companies increase engagement, retention, and usage for their educational apps and platform through great Edtech design.

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Get a Grip in a Competitive Industry

Creating an excellent user experience through design is the only way to reach out to more customers while improving retention and usage.

What makes us stand out is that we offer unique edtech design solutions based on your needs and those of your customers.

Guaranteeing a great experience

Learning can be hard (and sometimes boring). We employ UX design to make sure your platforms are fun, simple, and stress-free, guaranteeing a great experience for your students and rapid growth for your business.

Instant Edu Magic

We don’t always need tech to learn. But when we embrace and use it as an aid for teaching, the results are magical:

Instant Improvement

Immersion and gamification are just a few examples of turning boring subjects into fun experiences.

Improved Delivery of Education

With EdTech, education delivery can be optimized, saving money and allowing for affordable education for everyone.

Personalized Learning

The old education system of treating students like products on an assembly line. EdTech allows teachers to personalize learning for each student.

Learn Your Own Pace, available 24/7

Learners can learn just about anywhere and at any time they want. They can go as fast or as slow as they want. They can even go back to previous lessons and get support online.

Preparing Students for the Modern World

With EdTech, education delivery can be optimized, saving money and allowing for affordable education for everyone.

Easy Performance Monitoring

Programs are designed to give teachers data on how students are faring, saving time and effort

How are we different from other UX design agencies?


We adhere to deadlines without needing you to micromanage.

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Our work is always backed by a 100% human and analytical understanding.


We provide clear communication throughout the duration of the project.

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Behavior Design

We gather knowledge on user behavior, making research process effective.

Famous Isn’t Enough Anymore

To captivate students, EdTech has to do more than be a container for learning. It has to captivate and engage learners in the same way as the consumer tech they are used to.

Encourage usage
Encourage usage

Being a leader or famous in the education sector isn’t enough anymore. Your website and apps need to encourage usage. This is only possible with excellent UX design.

Deep Users Research
Deep Users Research

We use deep research to understand how students use the programs we create. This allows us to take biases out of the design process and give students what they truly need.

Our Expertise

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    Early child learning

    We design platforms that encourage children to learn through play and interaction.

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    We have vast experience in designing systems meant to help students learn online.

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    Our applications help teachers create, deliver content, and monitor student performance.

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    We use game mechanisms and rewards to design learning experiences.

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    Data Visualization

    We design programs to help you visualize your data.

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    VR / AR

    Engaging students with virtual and augmented reality, using tech to mimic real-life settings.

You Win When Your Users Win

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Happy users mean better customer retention and less marketing expenditure.

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Usability & Ratings

Better usability means fewer bad ratings and reviews (so more new customers for you through referrals).

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Usage & Funding

High app/website usage statistics means happy shareholders and high chances of getting more funding.