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Ask today, get designs tomorrow

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In-house senior quality, freelancer cost

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How the unlimited UX design works

Yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

1. Submit a design task

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2. Get designs in 2 days

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3. Revise or Approve

1. Submit a task

You'll get access to a Notion board where you can easily create design tasks following provided guidance. Our PM will help you throughout the process.

2. Get designs in 2 days

Our average delivery time is 2 days. And you can always prioritize tasks accordingly.

3. Revise or Approve

Once a task is done, we share it in Figma where you can check and add comments.

We offer in-house senior quality at freelancer cost

So you don't have to limit your options

A senior designer in the US will cost you at least $120k a year. That does not include hiring and onboarding costs.

A freelancer is indeed cheaper, but less committed and reliable.

Luckily, you don’t have to choose between the opposites. With our design subscription, you get the best of both worlds.
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And our clients couldn't be any happier

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Adam Fard UX Studio gave us the hands-on feeling of a small shop and the quality and professionalism of a big shop.

The final UX design meets all our requirements and looks great. The team is efficient and to the point. impressively able to understand design needs and integrate feedback.

The MVP received positive feedback from the internal team. Adam Fard UX studio creates high-quality designs that meet the needs of the client. The team is hard-working, innovative, and driven.

We also work with multiple industries

Revolutionizing AI with Innovative Solutions and easy-to-use products

AI technologies can be intricate and overwhelming for users. Our expertise lies in simplifying and streamlining these solutions, crafting intuitive interfaces that empower users to harness the full potential of AI without feeling overwhelmed.

AI Design

Creating a more intuitive FinTech platform by embracing innovative design.

We’ve designed, adapted and enhanced data visualization, e-wallets, trading apps, credit scoring tools and more

Fintech Design

Achieving maximum user-engagement and satisfaction

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a thriving industry. Subscription-based models offer customers a simple, hassle-free service — but good UX design is crucial to maximize satisfaction. We’ve helped SaaS companies on all scales, from startups to established brands.

SaaS Design

Taking online education tools to the next level

Edtech is one of the most important industries in the digital age. We help educators deliver cutting-edge courses and resources with a market-leading user experience

Edtech Design

Bringing crucial knowledge and assistance to users

Everyone deserves access to informative healthcare & wellness resources, but poor UX design can leave people without the answers they need. We’ve transformed apps and online platforms for a stronger, more fulfilling experience.

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Our pricing and premium UX plans

Experience seamless excellence with our premium subscription-based UX design services

DesignStream Growth


No minimum commitment.
Pause or cancel anytime

What's included:

  • Unlimited UX and UI tasks

    Completed one at a time.

  • Unlimited Revisions

  • 1 Day Turnaround Time

    On average for simple tasks.
    We provide estimates for each task

  • Daily Communication

    Slack, Figma, Notion

  • 1 meeting every week

  • Project Management

DesignStream Lite


No minimum commitment.
Pause or cancel anytime

What's included:

  • Unlimited UX and UI tasks

    Completed one at a time.

  • Unlimited Revisions

  • 2 Days Turnaround Time

    On average for simple tasks.
    We provide estimates for each task

  • Daily Communication

    Slack, Figma, Notion

  • 1 meeting every 2 weeks

  • Project Management

Specific needs?

Tailor your needs to a specific custom design project plan.

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How does the DesignStream process work?

  1. Once subscribed, you create a design task in our Notion board.
  2. We acknowledge the task and start the work.
  3. You receive the finished design.

What are "unlimited revisions" in DesignStream process?

Our "unlimited revisions" policy ensures your utmost satisfaction with our designs. Just like Rome wasn't built in a day, perfection takes time. If you need changes after we've completed a request, simply let us know. We're happy to refine and adjust the design to meet your exact needs. Feel free to make a new request with additional specifications at any time!

What can be designed via DesignStream tasks?

We can deliver high-fidelity designs for specific components and elements of the interface for a given product, platform, or service. Naturally, the complexity of the requirements may require additional time for a design. It's recommended to limit each design request to a maximum of five requirements to ensure completion within a 2-day (or 4-day) window.

Who are the UX specialists?

We have a dedicated and passionate team of UX designers and researchers with extensive experience in various domains including Fintech, AI, E-commerce, Edtech, and more. We've collaborated with companies worldwide, honing our skills and delivering high-quality designs that stand out in the competitive landscapes of numerous industries.

Do you outsource the design tasks?

Never. We are all one Studio team that works full-time. There are no freelancers or temporary employees among us - we all consider ourselves a part of the Studio and share the same values.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Yes, just let us know, and the updated package becomes valid starting from the next month.

What if I don’t like the designs?

No problem! We can do revisions.

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