Th!nk Pricing - B2B SaaS AI Platform

Th!nk Pricing - B2B SaaS AI Platform

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AI / Pricing Analytics

Founded in 2015, the Smart Pricer team was driven by their vision to empower business through dynamic pricing. As of now, Smart Pricer has optimized more than 10 million ticket sales and counting for a wide range of industries.

The Th!nkpricing app is an AI SaaS solution that boosts revenue by optimizing the service or product price based on demand and supply. The app is backed by data science and AI which is perfect for Sports, Cinema, Entertainment, and Ski Resorts. 

Results & Outcomes

  • Increased users' trust, in the platform's AI;

  • Able to retain current users, which resulted in an increase of the marketing budget to acquire new customers and confidently scale;

  • A coding-ready web app, with react components, designed from scratch;

  • Clear AI focused UX design process and team facilitation;

  • A developed brand aesthetic.

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The final UX design meets all our requirements and looks great. The team is efficient and to the point, impressively able to understand design needs and integrate feedback.

SaaS AI Platform UI UX Design - Adam Fard Studio

UX Design process 

1. Analyzing the Initial Client Input

In order to get us up to speed, the Smart Pricer team sent us a deck with their vision and strategy. The dock included information on:

  • Personas;

  • User Research Findings;

  • Product Roadmap;

  • Rough user flows (see below).

2. Gathering requirements

Conducting a UX workshop

In order to get on the same page on the key aspects of product design, such as success criteria, team structure, and product vision, we’ve conducted a UX workshop.  

Before moving on to wireframes, we’ve identified our key design priorities, which included:

  • Building trust. Pricing suggestions generated by AI are very likely to raise eyebrows among our users. Therefore, it was our priority to demonstrate how AI works.

  • Making app usage intuitive.

  • Setting the right expectations. As potent as AI is, it needs time to aggregate data. Thus, users shouldn’t expect the app to perfectly optimize their prices on the first day.

Below, you can see the solutions we've brainstormed to the aforementioned challenges.

3. Wireframes

Based on the requirements and the initial input, we started working on visualizing a rough app structure, i.e. wireframes. We then iteratively moved from rough sketches to high-fidelity wireframes, thereby aligning our design vision among the key stakeholders.

4. Prototyping & Usability testing

In order to validate some of the assumptions we had on the contents of the key dashboards, we've conducted a series of user interviews.

5. High-Fidelity Design

After validating our design assumptions, creating a solid app structure that reflects users' needs and stakeholders' vision, we proceeded to refine and polish the designs until their completion.

Styleguides & brand aesthetic

Although the Th!nkPricing team had a rough idea of the look and the colors they were going for, we helped them finalize and polish their vision through adding accent colors, advising on best practices and creating a style guide.

Incorporating delight

Outstanding products should have an outstanding design. That's why we went beyond great UX and incorporated illustrations and animations to make Th!nkPricing memorable and fun to use.

Creating a polished, coding-ready design

Having established the key product design aspects, we were ready to deliver the final coding-ready design.

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