Real Estate SaaS Platform – Agent Advance

Real Estate SaaS Platform – Agent Advance

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Agent Advance
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Despite the pandemic, the real estate market hasn’t shown any signs of slowing its growth. Other than the market expansion, another notable trend is that buyers move online. And so do the real estate agents and brokers.

Helping agents and brokers meet their business goals is a task that Agent Advance, a client of ours, has undertaken. Their products offer a vast range of features that includes: generating leads, tracking deal performance and agents’ productivity, posting property listings, and so on.

Results and outcomes

  • A fully designed web application

  • A redesigned mobile application


  • The scope can be divided into two parts: web and mobile app.

  • The web version needed a range of features designed (a dashboard, the new user invitation flow, etc). On the other hand, the mobile version needed a full redesign.

Project Length

1 year and 7 months

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The initial client’s input

When the customer approached us with an offer to work together, they already had a launched web and mobile application. The web version hasn’t been complete with all of the planned features, while the mobile version suffered from poor usability, user experience, and interface.

Additionally, the client’s team had their own UI kit and some wireframes for the new features. Later on, we had to tweak both of these design artifacts.

Wireframing & idea validation

Having interviewed users and the stakeholders on the client’s side, we’ve shortlisted requirements and suggested multiple concepts for the product dashboard. The dashboard is meant for agents and brokers alike, though the latter user group had more permissions.

Having validated the concepts internally, we’ve moved on to developing the best ones into a wireframe.

Web app

High-fidelity dashboard design

After selecting the dashboard concepts that proved to be the most useable, we've moved on to designing the high-fidelity version. The final result looks as follows:

Agent Profile

Helping brokers track their agents' progress is a vital feature to the success of Agent Advance. As such, we've put maximum effort into adequately accessing brokers' needs through user research activities. Then, we've translated the findings into the profile page you see on your left. Finally, we've validated our design decisions both internally and externally.

User Invitation Flow

Our quantitative research and the interviews we’ve conducted suggested that brokers had a hard time inviting agents to their accounts. This is one of the reasons we’ve redesigned it in both web and mobile versions.

Mobile App


A large part of the project's scope included translating the web app functionality into a mobile app. Compared to the web version, we've had considerably less space to work with. However, we've managed to integrate all features into the mobile experience. A couple of rounds of usability testing helped ensure that the functionality isn't crammed and is highly useable.

UI Kit

To help ensure consistent design patterns throughout the whole customer experience, we've developed a UI kit. The latter includes all design elements, including buttons, their states, font styles, tables, etc.

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