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  • 57% increase in sales;
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  • Up to 400% conversion.
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Product Challenges

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Product challenges

For most tech ventures, product performance is synonymous with business performance. However, despite the vitality of the product's success, the problems below couldn't be any more common.

  • Low activation & adoption
  • Low retention
  • High churn
What other companies do

These problems, being so common, call for decisive and drastic solutions. The solutions, below, however, only scratch the surface of the deep underlying problems.

  • Increase the Marketing & Sales Budget
  • Hire more people
  • Launch new features
  • Retarget customers
What we do

Before pouring your budget into marketing, team composition, and sales, you should build a solid foundation with an outstanding product experience. That's what we do. We design products that market themselves to make your job that much easier.

  • Boost perceived value
  • Revamp the User Experience
  • Conduct thorough user research to inform product design
  • Foster our clients' UX maturity
  • Validating all product ideas before going all in

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AI Sales intelligence tool

The th!nkpricing app is a SaaS solution that boosts revenue by optimizing the service or product price based on demand and supply. The app is backed by data science and AI which is perfect for Sports, Cinema, Entertainment, and Ski Resorts.

  • Increased users' trust, in the platform's AI;
  • Able to retain current users, which resulted in an increase of the marketing budget to acquire new customers and confidently scale;
  • Clear product design process and team facilitation;
AI platform case study
Marginal Unit

Power Market Analytics

Marginal Unit develops and operates innovative analytics solutions for the power market analytics. the mission is to help power traders and asset managers elevate their business to new heights by making traditionally complex power market analysis quicker, simpler, and more accurate.

  • Improved the information architecture of the product;
  • Improved discoverability of features and onboarding of new users, increasing activation and retention rates;
  • Consolidated and developed a scalable design system to accelerate the design and development process.
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MU - Power Market Analytics
Sciforma + One2Team

Merged 2 ERP’s into 1

Sciforma is an enterprise Project and Portfolio Management software. In 2021 they acquired One2Team and merged both platforms.

  • 192 user research findings and 100+ design recommendations;
  • 279 designed screens and 90% of usability issues uncovered;
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction score from 3 to 8.
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Multiplatform Learning Management System

An Edtech platform for facilitating communication among students, parents, and teachers.

  • 78% of Increase in the conversion rate Thanks to better usability, the schools are a lot more likely to upgrade their trial accounts and become paying customers.
  • Acquisition of new clients Based on new tailored features and interactive prototypes we helped acquire big clients: UK Government, Sharjah Ministry of Education, Deloitte, etc.)
  • Reduced costs by 3x Increased developers' efficiency and reduced costs by having a user-centered design approach.
Edtech LMS case study

Fintech B2B Payment Platform

Qolo is a B2B payments hub for the New Economy with a mission to help businesses navigate today’s complex payments and financial transactions landscape. Qolo supports companies wherever speed, security and cost of payment are important including gig worker payouts, distribution payments, multi-currency and cross-border businesses and modern fintech firms.

  • A developed brand aesthetic almost from scratch;
  • A fully designed coding-ready responsive app;
  • An idea brought to life through design.
Fintech B2B case study

And our clients couldn't be any happier

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Adam Fard UX Studio gave us the hands-on feeling of a small shop and the quality and professionalism of a big shop.

The final UX design meets all our requirements and looks great. The team is efficient and to the point. impressively able to understand design needs and integrate feedback.

The MVP received positive feedback from the internal team. Adam Fard UX studio creates high-quality designs that meet the needs of the client. The team is hard-working, innovative, and driven.

We also work with multiple industries

Creating a more intuitive FinTech platform by embracing innovative design.

We’ve designed, adapted and enhanced data visualization, e-wallets, trading apps, credit scoring tools and more

Fintech Design

Achieving maximum user-engagement and satisfaction

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a thriving industry. Subscription-based models offer customers a simple, hassle-free service — but good UX design is crucial to maximize satisfaction. We’ve helped SaaS companies on all scales, from startups to established brands.

SaaS Design

Taking online education tools to the next level

Edtech is one of the most important industries in the digital age. We help educators deliver cutting-edge courses and resources with a market-leading user experience

Edtech Design

Making IT & communications simpler and more accessible

IT and communication platforms can be complex — or downright confusing — for professionals at all levels. Our work in this industry centers on creating smoother, simpler UX design for a more engaging experience.

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Bringing crucial knowledge and assistance to users

Everyone deserves access to informative healthcare & wellness resources, but poor UX design can leave people without the answers they need. We’ve transformed apps and online platforms for a stronger, more fulfilling experience.

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Our Hall of Fame

Our clients aren’t the only ones who recognize our expertise though. In just four years of getting the job done as a UX design agency, we’ve earned our well-deserved spot!

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