Agile UX & Product Design Studio

I'm a UX and Product designer and the founder of ADAM FARD, a team of Designers, Psychologists, Marketers, and creative writers.

Recently, we doubled the in-app purchases of a Global 500 company by understanding user behavior and reducing the cognitive load of their app.

Through implementing a new design system and improving existing UX patterns, we got another app featured, resulting in 10M+ downloads and achieving a 4.7+ average user rating.

We also conceived and created Augmented Reality Experiences, which increased the net promoter score and brand awareness.

Thanks to our strong marketing background, user testing, and behavior analysis, we can convey products' real unique selling proposition (USP) and value for your users. We can also help the transition to monetizing through subscription.

We enjoy collaborating with teams from different industries on innovative products and technologies, traveling around the world, and helping their projects succeed.

Let's identify the right User Experience and Visual solution for your product:

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